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About AFCODirect

AFCODirect is a Premium Billing Collection & Finance System for insurance companies, wholesalers, managing general agents and managing general underwriters. With AFCODirect you focus on essential business leaving premium billing and collections to a proven industry leader. If you want to Improve Cash Flow, Increase Efficiency, Decrease Delinquency, Avoid Cancellations, AFCO’s Premium Billing Collection and Finance system – AFCODirect – will get you there.

"We have been using AFCO's Direct Bill/receivable management solution for approximately four years. The solution has helped AIX in achieving its corporate goals, while providing our business partners administrative and financial benefits."

Craig Rappaport, Chief Operating Officer, AIX Group.
"As you know, our agency, like many others, has been looking at every aspect of our business to become more efficient. We have struggled with the cost and efficiency of delivering small business policies and the service that is required to handle them. AFCO has played a critical role with their invoicing solution in reducing the administrative time and expense associated with premium billing and collection. "

Agency in Florida