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Frequently asked questions

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How do I receive an AFCO Premium Finance Agreement?

CRC can automatically include an executable Premium Finance Agreement with each insurance quote. Please ask your CRC underwriter for an executable premium finance agreement.


What do I do after I receive the Premium Finance Agreement from CRC?

Obtain the insured’s signature on the Premium Finance Agreement (PFA) and collect the down payment denoted on PFA.



Who should the down payment check be made payable to?

The retail agent.


Who is AFCO?

As a top-tier premium finance company operating in the U.S. and Canada, AFCO is part of the BB&T Insurance Holdings and Premium Finance group and a subsidiary of BB&T, one of the largest financial services holding companies in the U.S. Bank. Working directly with insurance agents and brokers, AFCO provides the loans that finance commercial property and casualty insurance. Whether the insured business is large or small, AFCO customizes insurance financing as needed to help agents and brokers support their clients across the spectrum of industry needs. Additional information is available at afco.com.



What are the standard premium finance terms?

20% down and 10 monthly installments.



What will be the APR on the finance contract?

Rate will vary based on prevailing interest rates and size of annual premium.



What types of premium finance payment options are available?

Details may be found in the Convenient Payment Options flyer.


Can my insured have the monthly payment automatically debited from their checking account?

Yes, please have insured complete this form.



Will the Agency be listed on the finance contract?

Yes as such you will get copies of various delinquency invoices.



Will the Agency receive various premium finance delinquency and cancellation notices?




How can I access the premium finance insured information?

You can access the insured information via AFCO’s website at afco.com. All you need is the insured's AFCO account number and zip code.



When do I get paid my commission?

The agency commission is collected from the insured’s down payment.



What if my insured wants to pay a higher down payment?

Agent should call AFCO Direct at 877-317-6437. AFCO will adjust and forward a revised executable agreement.



What if there is an additional premium endorsement?

Contact AFCO at 877-317-6437. In many situations, AFCO will add the additional premium to the insured’s outstanding loan without any additional documentation or down payment required.


What if there is a return premium endorsement?

CRC will forward the return premium to AFCO. AFCO will apply the return premium to the outstanding loan. The remaining loan payments will be adjusted accordingly. The insured will receive an advisory notification from AFCO.



Can AFCO finance a personal lines policy?

No, commercial policies only.


Is there an approval process for my agency to utilize the program?

No, your agency is pre-approved to finance CRC policies. If you want AFCO to finance non-CRC policies, please contact AFCO.

Premium finance process

Our insurance premium finance process is simple, easy and fast. 


Step 1: Quote

Agent receives from CRC an executable AFCO premium finance agreement​ with the CRC insurance quotation


Step 2: Client agreement

Retail agent collects down payment and executed agreement from insured


Step 3: Agent agreement

Retail agent signs premium finance agreement in producer section of agreement 

  • Pay down payment less agent’s commission to CRC (PDF)
  • Retail agent retains commission from down payment

Step 4: Submission

Retail agent forwards executed agreement to PFA@afco.com


Step 5: Loan booked

AFCO books loan

  • AFCO begins billing insured
  • AFCO funds amount financed to CRC

Contact us

For general questions please email or call at:

To send executed agreements: PFA@afco.com