Standing for better. Together.

Standing for better, one conversation at a time.

Change always starts with a conversation. Reach out and let others know you stand with them.

Be honest and listen to others about their experiences, frustrations, fears, and feelings. We reject bias. Everyone has some biases. Acknowledge and overcome them. Lead with empathy, an open heart and mind. 

Recognize privilege, and stand up for those who are marginalized. Take action and support those around you. 

We are better together. WE ARE ONE AFCO.

We focus on you. Your success. Your growth.

We're the pioneering leader in premium finance. Providing the industry's best combination of expertise, experience and resources, we help insurance agents and brokers provide the premium finance solutions their insureds want.

No matter whether the agent's insured is a multinational enterprise or a smaller business, we can customize a financing solution that makes sense. We provide everything from high-touch guidance for large, complex transactions to high-tech servicing of small-business accounts.

Our vision

Be the premium finance provider that brokers and agents rely on for customized solutions that produce lasting relationships.


Our mission

Make insurance affordable while being the premium finance company that goes beyond the loan. We will accomplish this by:

  • Customizing premium finance solutions for agents, brokers and their insureds
  • Empowering associates to create inspired outcomes
  • Building relationships that transcend the loan